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The Stac_y With No E Career Story

My experience in STEM program coordination, my participation as a Digital Literacy Instructor, and my skills in instructional design (ID) to create technical KB documents to help close “The Digital Divide” among underserved students and technically unprepared instructors has encouraged me to build my own STEM narrative that can contribute to the diverse representation of technology.

The Salesforce Trailhead Academy, Canva, and the NorthStar Digital Literacy Assessments allows me to build my technical skills and transition my current attributes in research, data collection, training, cross-cultural communication, customer service, and sales.  I look forward to learning user perspectives to develop customizable platforms and instructional design a Salesforce Administrator and develop my skills in UX design, Platform App Builder, and Cloud services that can utilize company data to build captivating instructional design and present equitable storytelling.

Working in higher education has offered me access to an abundance of knowledge.  It allowed me to build proficient skills in research, data collection, communication, and relationship building. It has also kept me grounded in my mission to serve underrepresented communities by introducing possibilities and pathways of academia and technology to those that feel that their options are limited or nonexistent from lack of knowledge, confidence, and representation.

I am proud that my skills allows me to, "...communicate people's worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves" (Stephen Covey) and I am excited to explore a career change that will allow me to serve the global community of technology as I do here at home. 

Feel free to check out my growing credentials below.  I love to share!