Stac_y's Multifunctional & Aesthetic Home Design - April 2021
Stac_y's Multifunctional & Aesthetic Home Design - April 2021

Planning and saving for your happiness abroad is simple, but it's not easy. A part of this journey must include decluttering your things bit by bit -- and after the tumultuous year of 2020, I'm giving you the entire year of 2021 to do it.

You're welcome (in my righteous superhero saving the day voice)!

If your home has cluttered spaces that looks much scarier than the image of my home above, don't worry . . . it took me years to minimize and organize. The American consumerist culture is one of the things that helped to get you there. According to this article, The U.S. is the largest advertisers in the world! In 2019, American advertising spending topped $239 billion . . . not million . . . BILL-EEEE-YONN (in my OMG voice) to make sure that you are aware of their brands, products, and services. The top advertising winners are Amazon ($6.9B), Comcast ($6.1B), AT&T ($5.5B), Proctor & Gamble ($4.3B), and Disney ($3.1B).

Along with that, social and class pressures to "Keep Up With The Joneses" have taught us that an accumulation of so many things will make us so very happy. But if you're like me and have come to the realization that less stuff and more life experiences bring you joy, then you'll want to begin your descent from the top of thing-ocity (and yes . . . I meant to spell it that way) in order to feel grounded to the foundation of your time, space, and happiness.

So how do you start?

By having a conversation with yourself . . . yes . . . you are allowed to talk to yourself . . . to express what currently serves your purpose for a life abroad and what will not. I'm not saying that you need to get rid of all of your essentials that you use daily to make your current life here in America functional. I'm suggesting that you be honest with yourself about what you don't use and learn how to let them go by making a digital copy of them, selling them, or even faster and much more #COVID19 friendly, donate them to organizations here or here to get items to people in need.

After My Graduate Degree and Certificate, I'm Now Left To Downsize All This Paper!
After My Graduate Degree and Certificate, I'm Now Left To Digitize and Downsize All This Paper O_O

Spatial wellness is not only "clean line interior design", it gives physical, mental, and digital clarity that builds a gateway to my peace of mind. The creation of a functional home ecosystem of interconnected space not only allows me to save money, but it allows more room for my sanity and much less time with cleaning. And so, without further ado (in my Nottingham, England British voice), here's the 140 things that I minimized to begin my happiness journey.

1. Alarm & Wall Clocks

2. Already Conquered & Never Played Video Games

3. Artwork That No Longer Speaks To You

4. Bent Utensils

5. Blankets & Comforters That Are Frayed