Stac_y's Multifunctional & Aesthetic Home Design - April 2021
Stac_y's Multifunctional & Aesthetic Home Design - April 2021

Planning and saving for your wellness abroad is simple, but it's not easy. A part of this wellness journey must include decluttering your things bit by bit -- and after the tumultuous year of 2020, I'm giving you the entire year of 2021 to do it.

You're welcome (in my righteous superhero saving the day voice)!

If your home has cluttered spaces that looks much scarier than the image of my home above, don't worry . . . it took me years to minimize and organize. The American consumerist culture is one of the things that helped to get you there. According to this article, The U.S. is the largest advertisers in the world! In 2019, American advertising spending topped $239 billion . . . not million . . . BILL-EEEE-YONN (in my OMG voice) to make sure that you are aware of their brands, products, and services. The top advertising winners are Amazon ($6.9B), Comcast ($6.1B), AT&T ($5.5B), Proctor & Gamble ($4.3B), and Disney ($3.1B).

Along with that, social and class pressures to "Keep Up With The Joneses" have taught us that an accumulation of so many things will make us so very happy. But if you're like me and have come to the realization that less stuff and more life experiences bring you joy, then you'll want to begin your descent from the top of thing-ocity (and yes . . . I meant to spell it that way) in order to feel grounded to the foundation of your wellness.

So how do you start?

By having a conversation with yourself . . . yes . . . you are allowed to talk to yourself . . . to express what currently serves your purpose for a life abroad and what will not. I'm not saying that you need to get rid of all of your essentials that you use daily to make your current life here in America functional. I'm suggesting that you be honest with yourself about what you don't use and learn how to let them go by making a digital copy of them, selling them, or even faster and much more #COVID19 friendly, donate them to organizations here or here to get items to people in need.

After My Graduate Degree and Certificate, I'm Now Left To Downsize All This Paper!
After My Graduate Degree and Certificate, I'm Now Left To Digitize and Downsize All This Paper O_O

Spatial Wellness is not only "clean line interior design", it gives physical, mental, and digital clarity that builds a gateway to my peace of mind. The creation of a functional home ecosystem of interconnected space not only allows me to save money, but it allows more room for my sanity. And so, without further ado (in my Nottingham, England British voice), here's the 140 things that I minimized to begin my wellness journey.

1. Alarm & Wall Clocks

2. Already Conquered & Never Played Video Games

3. Artwork That No Longer Speaks To You

4. Bent Utensils

5. Blankets & Comforters That Are Frayed

6. Board & Card Games That Are No Longer Used

7. Books - You Know What You Don't Read

8. Brooms with Worn & Frayed Bristles

9. Bumper Stickers - It's A Crime To Do This To Your Car

10. Bundles of Grocery Store Plastic & Paper Bags

11. Business Cards

12. Cables & Chargers From Devices You Don't Have

13. Cables & Chargers That Are Frayed or Don't Work

14. Calendars - Those Previous Years Are Gone!

15. Camcorder & Cameras

16. Candles You Don’t Like or Have Burnt Out

17. Cassette & VHS Tapes

18. Catalogs

19. CDs

20. Certificates, Awards & Diplomas

21. Clothing That Does Not Flatter Your Figure

22. Clothing That Does Not Match Your New Climate

23. Coffee & End Tables

24. Couches & Chairs

25. Cover Letters & Resumes

26. Cracked Dishes

27. Dead Batteries

28. Dead Plants

29. Dining Room Table Placemats

30. Dressers & Chests - Use Your Closet And Under Bed Storage

31. Dried Glues - Why Do We Save These Things?

32. Dried Nail Polish - Again.....WWWHHHYYY???

33. Dried Paint

34. Dry Cleaner Hangers & Bags

35. Dull Knives

36. Duplicate Tools

37. Dusty & Uninspiring Plastic Plants

38. DVDs

39. Empty Boxes From Your Delivered Goods

40. Empty Jars & Containers

41. Empty Product Bottles & Containers

42. Excess Coasters

43. Excessive Office Supplies

44. Expired Coupons

45. Expired Food In The Pantry, Cabinets, Refrigerator & Freezer(s)

46. Expired Makeup - You Can Get Infections And Breakouts From This

47. Expired Medication - Walgreens and CVS have disposal cans for that

48. Falling Apart Belts - That Shit Is NOT Sexy!

49. Free & Promotional Items

50. Hard To Stack & Store Kitchen Pots & Pans

51. Hats That You Don’t Wear or Don’t Fit Your With Your Hair or Head

52. High School & College Transcripts (Digitize Them)

53. Holiday Cards (Digitize Them)

54. I No Longer Host Parties at My House Party Supplies & Décor

55. I Used To Do These Sports & Activities Paraphernalia

56. I Wish That I Can Fit These Clothes Clothing

57. Inaccurate Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses

58. It Didn't Look Right On Me Makeup

59. It No Longer Smells Good Air Fresheners

60. Jewelry That Has Lost Its Mate

61. Jewelry That Is Broken, Has Tarnished or That You Don’t Wear

62. Junk Mail - Piled High On The Table Or Use unroll.me For Your Digital Inbox

63. Key Chains & Lanyards To Jobs You Used To Have

64. Keys To Places That You Used To Live

65. Keys To Storage Units That You Used To Have

66. Loose Change – Use It For Items You Need

67. Magazines - Save Some Trees!

68. Media Units - The Really Bulky Ones.

69. Medical Records - Many Hospitals Have Digital Records

70. Membership Cards – They Can All Be Stored On One App

71. Mismatch Containers & Lids

72. Mismatch Cutlery

73. Mops That Don’t Leave Your Floors Smelling Clean

74. Multiple Hair Combs & Brushes

75. No Longer Fluffy Pillows

76. No Longer Used Ice Cube Trays

77. Notebooks & Notepads - Digitize Your Lists With Google Keep

78. Official Documents – That Are No Longer Needed By Law

79. Old Toothbrushes

80. Only Worn Once Special Occasion Outfits, Dresses, & Suits

81. Paper Instructional Manuals – You Can Find Them All Online

82. Paper Warranties – Register A Warranty Online & Emailed To You

83. Pens & Pencils That Don’t Work Or You Don’t Use

84. Perfume & Cologne That No Longer Smell Good

85. Perfume & Cologne That You Don’t Like The Smell Of

86. Phone Books – Both Personal & City Distributed

87. Physical Photos - You Can Scan Them

88. Planners - Use Google Calendar & Google Keep

89. Plastic Pots for Plants That Are No Longer Alive

90. Plastic Straws - Do Your Part To Save The Environment

91. Receipts – You Can Scan Them With A Scanner Or An App

92. Remote Controls That You Don’t Have A Device To Match To

93. Restaurant Menus

94. Samples of Toiletries & Beauty Products

95. Scraps From Household & Artsy Projects

96. Scratched Glasses & Sunglasses

97. Scuffed & No Longer Used Phone Cases

98. Shelves & Bookcases

99. Single Gloves & Mittens

100. Single Socks

101. Skincare Items That Didn’t Work For Your Skin – It Happens

102. So Many Damn Souvenirs

103. Special Stationary For Actually Writing Letters

104. Sponges That Smell Worse Than Dirty Dish Water

105. Stained Rugs

106. Sticky Notes

107. Swim Wear That Doesn’t Flatter Your Figure

108. Takeout Cutlery

109. Takeout Sauce Packets

110. That Missing Piece Board Game

111. That Missing Piece Puzzle

112. That Moldy Or Overstuffed Shower Caddy

113. That Passed Down China Collection That No One Eats Off Of

114. That Thing That Catches All Things

115. That Used For One Month Blender

116. That Used For One Month Juicer

117. That Very Specific Single Use Kitchen Gadget

118. Those Extra Buttons To Clothes You No Longer Have

119. Too Many & The-Weather-Beat-Them-Up Umbrellas

120. Too Many Baking Sheets

121. Too Many Coffee Mugs

122. Too Many Gift Bags

123. Too Many Reusable Grocery Bags

124. Too Many Vases

125. Uncomfortable & Worn Out Shoes

126. Undergarments That Have Lived Past Their Prime

127. Underutilized Apps On Your Phone

128. Underutilized Streaming Subscription Services

129. Unrealistic To Use Purses & Wallets

130. Unused Cleaning Supplies

131. Unused Matches Or Lighters

132. Unused Or Broken Holiday Decorations

133. Unused Printers & Scanners

134. Unused Purses & Wallets

135. Unused Toys - When The Kids Aren't Looking

136. Unused, Mismatched & Bent Hangers

137. Unworn Watches

138. Walked On Too Many Times Bathroom Rugs

139. Warped Or Broken Hair Items

140. Worn or Donated Suitcases That You Never Use

So, why not a room-by-room checklist?

Because, decluttering is a system of down-sizing things that are not important and right-sizing things that are. It's not a popular activity, so taking on entire rooms can be overwhelming and not every household puts their things in the "designated" rooms that they are expected to be.

I'm proud of you for even trying!

You'll accomplish this doing things one step at a time. Decluttering your things is not easy - whether your journey is to move abroad or not. Enjoy the benefits of having less to maintain and more time to plan your experiences abroad and better mental health.

Do you need help?

I'm Stac_y With No E and I can show you how to declutter your schedule and your things so that you make dedicated time to your wellness - because that's exactly what I'm doing. I can teach you how to minimize your physical and digital belongings for your clarity.

This blog contains a lot of data collection and no advertising, and if you feel that you got something useful from it, consider buying me a Ko-Fi or becoming a Patreon to help keep me sharing this awesomely-time-consuming information.

So, what's the first thing that you decluttered?

What room are you scared to get started in? Share so that others can learn as you did.

Thanks for taking this journey with me,


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