The Stac_y With No E Career Story

My experience in program coordination, my participation as a digital literacy instructor, and my skills in instructional design to help close “The Digital Divide” among underserved students and technically unprepared instructors has encouraged me to expand my design capacity so that I can contribute to the diverse representation of technology through UX design. As a self-taught instructional designer, I am comfortable collaborating with faculty, staff, advisory committees, subject matter experts, consultants, and students in the goal for clear and equitable explanations of processes.

I am transitioning to UX design through the University of Michigan User Experience Research and Design, Coursera Guided Project "Design and Develop a Website using Figma and CSS," Salesforce UX Design Trailheads, HTML, Wix, and Canva, with tiny immersions in Google Cloud Platform (making objects in a bucket publicly readable . . . translation . . . you click a button and it showcases my growing awesome-ness-icities in a downloadable PDF file), Figma, GitHub Desktop, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and LucidChart.

My career in instructional design and growth into UX design has taught me that the successful use of technology must include conducting user research to create content that effectively articulates challenges and solutions that can translate into enjoyable product and service usability. I look forward to using the efficiency of Instructional Design and UX Design to turn content into simplified storytelling design.

Feel free to check out my growing credentials below.  I like to share as much as I like to learn!