Quite honestly, because so few people of color have done it.  Exploring the world to find the qualities of life that can best serve your goals can be overwhelming.  For those of you feel that your happiness relies on living outside the U.S., there are many barriers to having a life abroad.  A few of them include:


  • U.S. Public school education rarely taught global geography and culture, leaving you to learn a lot in a short amount of time. 

  • Only an estimated 8.7 million Americans live abroad. That's only 2.3% of the population, even less for people of color.

  • The cost of moving abroad could cost a tiny fortune. From as little as $400 for a visa and plane ticket for one person with one free carryon and suitcase to as much as $10,000 for a family of four, visas, cost of flight and baggage for multiple people, down payment on rent, and up to three months of upfront cost of living expenses.

  • Only about 36% of Americans have a U.S. Passport.  The cost is $145 and visas are an additional cost.

Finding your happiness abroad takes time, planning, resources, opportunity, money, and overall, patience.


  • I guide you through a comprehensive review of your income + expenses with a budget application so you can save!!!

  • I can show you how to declutter your schedule so that you make dedicated time for your plan to move abroad.

  • I can show you how to calculate and save for your cost of living abroad with up to date global data.

  • I can teach you how to minimize your belongings for your clarity as well as your wellness journey. 

  • We can have as frequent or as little follow up as you like.  Your journey belongs to you!

  • Research and process are my jam!!! It's weird and I'm okay with that!


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